03/21/2019 - Presale of racing vouchers is now closed.  You can purchase vouchers Saturday at the Spring Festival event.  Look for the popup tent near the grandstands at the pit/staging lane area of the lot.

Racing Format

Racing Program setup by
Modern Street HEMI Shootout

Race Classes and Run Order:
Super Pro (Heads Up)
Pro (9.50 index)
Demon Class (Heads Up)
Hellcat (10.00 index)
Modified (10.50 index)
Super Stock (11.50 index)
Street (12.50 index)
Fun Runs
**KING OF THE HILL (dial in run off of all the class winners to declare event champion)
Modern Street HEMI Shootout condensed format for Competition Committee consideration:
  • All classes run on a .500 PRO TREE except Super Pro which is a .400 PRO TREE
  • Courtesy Staging enforced
  • All classes are all qualified field and run on a PRO LADDER
  • 2 qualifiers which can easily be reduced to 1 for time constraints
  • Fun Runs will yield to other classes for time constraints
  • Drivers completely eliminated from competition may join "fun runs"
Condensed Class rules for reference:
**All classes require Gen3 HEMI or Pentastar V6
Super Pro
  • Heads up
  • Forced induction min weight 3500
  • Nitrous only cars min weight 3400
  • Naturally aspirated cars have no min weight
Demon Class
  • Heads up 
  • Stock calibration only
  • Tire/wheel change allowed
  • Weight reduction allowed with min weight with driver being 4280 lbs
  • No other mods allowed
Hellcat Class
  • Trackhawks and Redeyes permitted in this class
  • 10.00 Index
All other classes have no class specific considerations.  

1/4 Mile Racing

The following requirements must be met by each driver in order to use the racing facilities.

Personal Safety Requirements

  • Helmet required (see note below)*
  • Long pants required
  • Closed-toe shoes required
  • SFI Fire Jacket*
  • SFI Safety gear is required*

Vehicle Safety Requirements

  • Turn OFF vehicle air conditioning upon arrival at venue
  • All drivers must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or NHRA competition license
  • All participating vehicles must pass an NHRA vehicle safety inspection upon arrival:
    • DOT approved tires only, no slicks.
    • Battery must be secured
    • No visible leaks
    • Functioning seatbelt and/or SFI harness required
    • SA or M2010 or newer helmet required. The SFI tag inside the helmet must be visually shown during tech inspection. (No Exceptions)
    • No loose items inside vehicle
    • Participants required to review and sign a liability release/waiver
  • Passengers are only allowed in vehicles that are > 14.00 seconds (1/4 mile)
  • DO NOT Turn on vehicle air conditioning while participating in drag racing
  • All drivers must attend drivers meeting (Not Optional) Time tba (likely 8:30-9:00 AM).
  • Any questions or concerns about passing NHRA safety inspection should be directed to the Auto Club Raceway track officials prior to arrival or by referencing the Official NHRA Rule Book
  • For the safety of all participants, Auto Club Raceway track officials will have final authority on the enforcement and compliance with all NHRA rules and regulations
  • Helmet not required for vehicles running >14.00 seconds (1/4 mile) or >8.60 seconds (1/8 mile)

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