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The 12th Annual Spring Festival of LX
will be raising money for charities via event registration.

Your entrance donation is tax deductible and will benefit programs at Ocean View High School, Promoting Resources in Drug Education ("Every 15 minutes" teen alcohol/driving education program) and a 3rd charity to be chosen by Chrysler.

Registration monies are collected by Ocean View High School, a 501C(3) and will be disbursed to the other two charities after conclusion of the Spring Festival. 

What is the Spring Festival of Lx's?

The Spring Festival of Lx's has its roots in Southern California as an enthusiast gathering for the hottest car platform to hit the American car market in years. Starting in 2004 (for 2005 model years), LX first referred to the new generation vehicle platform for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum.  For the 2006 model year, the Dodge Charger was added.  We now use the Lx designation to generically refer to first generation LX as well as now encompassing the next generation platforms for LX (Chrysler 300), LC (Dodge Challenger) and LD (Dodge Charger). 

As a group of SoCal car enthusiasts, our first meet in 2004 consisted of only 4 vehicles.  Our next few meets in 2005 quickly grew to approach 100 vehicles. Starting in 2006, we kicked it up a notch and surpassed 300 vehicles with participants from all over the US and Canada. This event has grown every year since and we now expect over 1000 vehicles for the 2012 Spring Festival. As a community and enthusiast event, we have the tremendous support of Chrysler, Dodge, Mopar and SRT.  We have had many executives in attendance from both the local Irvine office as well as Auburn Hills.  The Spring Festival is becoming one of their favorite events as well!

As participants at this event, you share the passion we have for these cars. Through the various online forums, we post photos of our cars, our mods and ask questions. The Spring Festival is the place where you will see it all first hand and talk directly to other members that you have become friends with online. You may be a senior member or a newbie, have a full blown modified car or a totally stock car, it makes no difference. If it will be your first event you will not believe how great the people are. This is an experience of a lifetime and those who return year after year will tell you so. That's why they post and encourage everyone to attend. We hope to see you there.

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Welcome to the SoCalLX website.  Membership is free and open to any individuals that have LX/LC/LD platform vehicles, including the Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and the Dodge Magnum.  One of the primary purposes of this site is for our annual Spring Festival registration.  Additionally, we try to maintain a calendar of all LX/LC/LD events going on in Southern California.  If you have an event going on, please post it in the SoCalLX car club section at LXFORUMS and then contact us and we'll add it to the calendar along with a link to the forum that will have more detailed information.

While we do have a formal message area on LXFORUMS, the group of members for SoCalLX call many different online forums their home.  If you would like to have a link to an LX/LC/LD based forum added here, just ask, we'll be happy to add it.